MSN-2 Chlamydia Home Kit Screening

Modified Panty-Liners (MSN-2)

Our technology relies on the use of a Modified Pantyliner (MSN-2) to collect a sample of human cells which are then analysed in Laboratory using a proven and established process. Modified Pantyliners are commonly used by a large proportion of women and  have less-stringent transport criteria than urine or vaginal swabs. They can therefore be a particularly attractive alternative for the general public, and for screening programs in non-clinical settings. This Technology allows us to provide diagnostic services to high-risk women and girls who are not inclined to visit traditional medical settings. The kit can be ordered on-line for Home Screening.


Chlamydia is usually detected by PCR testing of either first-catch urine or a sample taken by urogenital swab. The sensitivity of this test may be less than optimal if the infection is situated in the uterine cervix. Conversely, some infected women may harbour Chlamydia only in their urethra, which can increase the chance of misdetection from specimens taken endocervically or by vaginal swab. With this in mind, we can say with confidence that testing on a single specimen can fail to identify some infected women.


The MSN-2 Modified Pantyliner, is worn by a woman for only four (4) hours, which allows the pad to collect enough specimen cells for laboratory analysis, without the worry of misdetection.


MSN-2 Technology, will also be developed to screen for other prominent STIs such as Gonorrhea and Thichomoniasis, all from a single collected sample.

Chlamydia infections rate 1999 to 2015 (/100,000 population)

  • Women
  • Men



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