Mail Your Specimen by Post

Mail Your Specimen to our Laboratory for Testing

To help contain the infection, an annual screening for Chlamydia is recommended for all sexually active and pregnant women. One of the greatest advantages of our technology is the fact that it allows the patient to auto-sample at home or work, without having to go to the clinic in person.

The MSN-2 was shown to be an easy, non-invasive, cost-effective method that has been associated with high sensitivity and specificity. The simplicity of its use is likely to improve screening for sexually transmitted diseases, while offering women a non-invasive alternative method to the endocervical swab.

Contrary to the endocervical swab (which represents the most common screening method for sexually transmitted diseases), the MSN-2 is non-invasive and allows women to continue their daily activities. This collection method requires women to wear the MSN-2 (Modified Pantyliner) for 4 hours, after which they can drop it off at the clinic or send it directly to the laboratory by mail for processing.

Follow the instructions. After collecting your specimen as indicated, put it in the provided envelope and drop it in your local mail box. It will go to our laboratory for testing.