Medical Device

Our Medical Device MSN-2 allows women to self-sample for the detection of chlamydial genital infection. The device resembles a modified pantyliner that is used easily, comfortably, and undetectably.


The accuracy of the MSN-2 medical device for the diagnosis of  Chlamydia in women has been proven in a study of 510 female patients.  The test showed results on paired samples to be identical for 493 (96.6%) of the 510 women.

To view this study, visit Evaluation of a Modified Sanitary Napkin as a Sample Self-Collection Device for the Detection of Genital Chlamydial Infection in Women.

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Using Earth Science Pharmaceutical’s new technology, a woman is able to manage her own STIs testing for Chlamydia (our multiplex Chlamydia/ Gonnorhea test kit is coming soon).

  • She can comfortably wear the non-invasive MSN-2 medical device (which is similar to a modern pantyliner but with a special filter) for 4 consecutive hours (when she is not menstruating)
  • Next, she places the device in a special envelope packaged with the device and send it to our accredited laboratories for testing
  • Several days later she will phone the lab or check the website using the unique coded identification number on her test kit

This new, simple-to-use technology means a woman to be able to easily take her own sample in the comfort of her home, instead of going to the doctor for an invasive swab, which can engender feelings of intrusion and/or embarrassment.

For the benefit of all women, we will rapidly increase the list of pathogens that our MSN-2 medical device can detect, eventually to include all of the genital infections that women are at risk for.